Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 2: Paris (30 Mar 2010)

The second day I woke up at around 12 sth, and got changed and left at around 1 sth. I regretted it when I went outside that I wore so little clothes, but didn't go back to take the coat. I thought it would be ok. The first place I went, of course, La Tour Eiffel, but the sky was quite grey:

I was quite pleased with my self-serviced photo.
It was super windy and a bit rainy that day, and obviously I didn't wear enough. In fact, I waited under a cover for a few minutes from the rain before coming to this place for this photo.

And afterwards, I walked back to the Eiffel tower side to walk along the park, but the rain got heavier, so I hid inside a bus station, and waited for like 5 mins or so, still the rain didn't stop, so I changed my mind to not go to the Arc de Triomphe, but somewhere else, and I hopped on a bus, thought it was going to Gare du Nord side, to the Louvre direction, but then after 1 stop, the bus driver said "c'est le terminus" (it's the terminus), and I was like "..." I got on the wrong direction!! Such a waste of a ticket! (It's 11.6 euros for 10 tickets which can be used for metro and bus) and I had to run from the bus to somewhere covered. After 10 mins or so, I finally found a metro station called DUPLEIX:

So tired...and I was quite wet. After this tired got lost bit, I found my way to Rue de Rivoli, was gonna go to the Louvre, but I!
The first thing I wanted to buy was a coat or jacket because it was way too cold, I ran inside ZARA, couldn't find anything for my size. Then went to Etam (don't think HK has this shop), it's on discount up to 50%. Finally, I bought a knitwear, felt much better afterwards! And also bought a pair of gumboots there, size 36, but it fits. After the shopping, I was already quite tired, so didn't bother to go Louvre, instead I went to a small cafe at Chatelet, drank a hot chocolate, wrote my diary and relax.
You can see that the sun has now come out, it was about 6:30pm then. The day time ends about 7:30pm nowadays in Paris. I was sitting by the entrance, in front of me is a Chatelet monument:
And then I went back home to meet Guillaume et Mani to go to the Salon de Livres. It's quite nice, but the entrance is 9 euros, unlike HK's cheap price, don't know why people are willing to pay to get in, ours were free from Guillaume's brother or sth. :) And we bought a book called Oscar et La Dame Rose, which is made into a movie, and the author was there, we were gonna get la dedicace, but it's too late, so we took a picture next to him instead:
And outside the bookfair, there was a piece of berlin wall, for some reasons it's there, so we took a picture too:
And finally, the moon was SUPER big and round, 難道外國既月亮真係月d?
Dinner was at a french brasserie, Guillaume said it's a 法國茶餐廳, but still has entree, plat et dessert = menu.
It's been a nice day walking alone in Paris.

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