Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eurostar cheap tickets

One of the things I learnt from the preparation of this trip is that Eurostar's CHEAP tickets sold REALLY FAST! One night I was checking for tickets from Paris to London, and the price was 157 euros (return), so I was like "ok, it's too expensive, I will skip London this time."

The next day, I was checking my not-too-often-check hotmail email account, I found the Euro star newsletter (above), I clicked and key in the same days as before, the price was 88 euros (return)!! So cheap, but I wanted to ask my friend first cos I will be staying at her place, just want to check if the return time is ok...etc.

The next day, I got her email saying ok. But when I checked again, the 88 euros are gone!!! :( And then I was really thinking of giving up London...however, after a few hours of pondering, since I love Camden Market so much, I finally got it for 119 euros (return). Not as bad as the very beginning at least.

So, make sure you subscribed to Eurostar newsletter for special promotion.

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