Thursday, May 6, 2010

iPhone dock

I bought an iPhone dock, JBL, a week after my Franch trip, the main purpose is for me to listen to french radio with iPhone app: Radio France (like what I doing now while writing this blog post). I think it's very good for practising my listening, and also I can pretend to be in France still. Haha!

French oral test

I had my oral test this week, the topic was Maison, I wasn't too worried about it. And it's quite short, each person had about 5-10 mins. We were given some photos of different types of maisons en france, and we had to choose which one we like and why. I thought I didn't speak enough.

Anyway, after the 4 of us (the first group) finished, we all left together and the prof said my pronunciation is obviously better than the whole class. I am happy about it. And now I know that I really have to read more french news and books to increase my vocabulary.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 3: Paris (31 Mar 2010)

It's a nice day today, very sunny, and the first destination is Musée du Louvre:

On the side before going in. Well, I didn't actually go inside the Louvre cos I did before, and it isn't too cheap and it will take a long time to walk around, that's why I chose not to.

Louvre Pyramid by Chinese-American I.M.Pei (貝聿銘).

Me with the Pyramid, I kind of fall in love with taking photos for myself, haha!

I quite like this picture myself, blue blue sky with Louvre and Pyramid, nice!

And you can see La Tour Effiel from here: (see the thick clouds there?)
Weather is quite unpreditable here, just now there's blue blue sky and suddenly, out of nowhere the clouds came together and it rained:

This is actually took after hiding in the bookshop of Louvre, I have to say that the rain here, even if it's not heavy, it's quite useless to have an umbrella because it's windy!

Next destination - L'arc de Triumphe, and see the cars on Champs Elysee? Always so 車水馬龍. I walked from Louvre to here, it took about 15-20 mins I guess, not too far, and I like walking:
And time for lunch! I chose a cheap place, and the sun came back out, so I chose to sit out, but I got an uninvited "friend" to keep me company:

The bread is nice, not so much the cake though. And here's my "friend"
Yes, the pigeon! I tried so many times to make it go away, it didn't want to! And they symbolise peace? I think it's trying to make a war with me, and up close, they look ugly! I think these are the 風塵白鴿, don't think it's the same type as the peaceful ones.

And then I was already quite tired, but still went to the Virgin bookshop, it's huge! And I bought the thick Petit Nicholas which Mani has at home for myself, and bought 2 other thin versions as souvenir.

And I also went inside Sephora, just to have a look, and then left to go back, cos was really tired as my bag is really heavy.

I took a nap before having dinner with Matthieu at his place, he's an exchange student at PolyU, and it's so good to see him and his wife and daughter of 2 whose name is also Louise! Haha. Cute girl. The flat is nice with a mezzanine (a new french word from him) :). The dinner is in English, I mean our conversation, yea, my level of french still can't last for dinner long. Anyway, it's a very nice soiree. I am going to meet him again the coming Friday for lunch before we left for St.Michel Chef Chef for the long weekend.